9 Benefits Of Patchouli

Benefits of patchouli

You either love it or you hate it. Patchouli is musky, woodsy and earthy, and can trigger a strong aphrodisiac response in some people. However, if it’s not your “cup of tea,” don’t give up on patchouli just yet. When blended with other scents like ... Keep Reading


Can The Graviola Fruit Treat Cancer?

Can Graviola Fruit Treat Cancer

In a quest to cure cancer, many people turn to alternative remedies. Graviola, although studied for decades, is making its rounds on the internet as being a natural cure for the deadly disease. But what does modern-day science say about this sweet ... Keep Reading


What Your Blood Type Says About You

What your blood type says about you

If you don’t know your blood type, maybe it’s time you found out. Your blood could offer some important insights on your health like your susceptibility to disease, how you handle stress, how well you’ll age and much more. It can even tell you a ... Keep Reading


Can Bananas Make Your Boobs Bigger?

Can bananas make your breasts bigger

Maybe you’re one of the many women in America who wants bigger breasts. It’s not surprising since a lot of women feel inadequate with smaller breasts. Nevertheless, some women are uncomfortable with the idea of having breast implants, but would still ... Keep Reading