How To Use Coconut Oil For Adrenal Fatigue

How to use coconut oil for adrenal fatigue

Personally, I’m one of coconut oil’s biggest fans. I moisturize my face and hands with it, use it as a mild sunscreen, style my hair with it, swish my mouth with it, cook with it…and eat great spoonfuls of it straight out of the jar. Sometimes I ... Keep Reading


5 Natural Remedies To Treat Rosacea

Natural rosacea remedies

Rosacea is a condition that results in enlarged, inflamed blood vessels particularly on the face. It’s a frustrating and sometimes painful health problem that is estimated to affect a whopping 16 million Americans, and those numbers show no signs of ... Keep Reading


This Is What’s Hidden In Your Canned Tuna

This is what's in your canned tuna

For those of us who like seafood, we know that you can’t always get your hands on the freshest fish. Whether it’s the exorbitant cost of fresh-caught fish at your supermarket, or the fact that you’ve basically got to eat it straight away or it’ll go ... Keep Reading


3 Ways To Treat A Stomach Ulcer Naturally

How to treat a stomach ulcer naturally

You always know when you’ve got a stomach ulcer. There’s a sharp burning sensation in your stomach that simply refuses to go away, making certain foods unbearable and eating in general a whole lot less enjoyable. If you’ve got a stomach ulcer, you ... Keep Reading


5 Health Benefits Of Comfrey

Benefits of comfrey

Alternative health and medicine is riddled with paradoxes. Certain healing tonics that can either heal or harm depending on how they’re administered. Plant-based creams and balms that can soothe the skin but also poison the internal organs if used in ... Keep Reading


5 Ways To Relieve Pain Naturally

How to relieve pain naturally

Pain, unfortunately, is just a fact of life. Whether it’s from a misaligned back, sleeping in a weird position, sports injury or a chronic health condition, pain can really get you down. If you’re like millions of other Americans, you could turn to ... Keep Reading