Apple Cider Vinegar Ice Cubes For Hemorrhoids

Apple cider vinegar ice cubes for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids. It’s a condition that few people are comfortable discussing, and even fewer will even admit that they’re suffering from. Hemorrhoids come in many (painful) shapes and forms, but the most common varieties are those that take up residence ... Keep Reading


6 Ways To Use Turmeric Paste

How to use turmeric paste

In just a few years, turmeric has risen from a lesser-known orange spice to one of the most pivotal therapeutic foods in the alternative health world. And considering just how powerful turmeric really is, this rise to superstardom is hardly ... Keep Reading


5 Health Benefits Of Avocados

Health benefits of avocados

Few people would argue with the statement that avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Even fewer would disagree that they’re an amazingly versatile fruit (you heard right — a fruit) and that they can make an average meal a ... Keep Reading


Should Men Do Kegels Too?

Men may benefit from kegels

If you’ve heard of Kegels, you probably think of them as designed specifically for women. And while the female contingent can certainly benefit from these exercises, it’s a fact that men can too. Particularly for men who are gaining in years, where ... Keep Reading


Is Your Bra Ruining Your Breasts?

Your bra may be ruining your breasts

As girls, we were taught to revere the bra. It symbolizes a rite of passage — that day when we can slip one on and take one step closer towards womanhood is an important day indeed. Most girls can’t wait to buy their first bra, not because it’s more ... Keep Reading