The Alternative Daily seeks hardworking dedicated individuals who believe in helping our readers make healthy choices make a positive impact in their lives.

Below are our current job openings:

Fulltime – Mid/Senior Developer – WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

Apply if you are an experienced Web developer with skills in WordPress, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP and REST API. Must be able to create responsive CSS.

Your daily work will consist of:
1. Taking an existing design and creating HTML pages, creating CSS pages, adding javascript
2. Coding PHP pages to perform server side functionality
3. AJAX and Javascript implementation to add dynamic functionality
4. Able to code SQL database query calls to retrieve and update data
5. Customizing WordPress sites, adding hooks, etc.
6. Create Responsive pages in WordPress and Bootstrap

You must be familiar with version control software. We use Bitbucket and Mercurial on Linux.

The work is full-time, telecommute (work at home).

In addition, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Have high speed internet and able to use Skype for voice and screenshare calls.
2. Be available during USA hours (9 – 5 PM US Eastern) to complete tasks and have team skype calls
3. Be able to speak English fluently
4. Minimum 3 years programming experience.

Let us know if you have led teams or projects.

Be prepared to write some code to show us that you have these skills.

Please provide your resume.
Please include a cover letter and explain why you are a good fit for this job. Email your cover letter and resume to: resumes-tech[at]
Note: This is an offshore position. Applicants from Philippines, Mexico, Latin-America are welcome to apply.

When you apply write DEV-SITEAD2017-0303 in your cover letter.

Salary is based on your experience.