Always Do This Before You Use Toilet Paper

Always sniff toilet paper before using it

Nearly all of us adults are probably quite sure that we know everything there is to know about toilet paper. It’s not really a great mystery, and it’s so mundane that it’s something we don’t think about much. The roll hangs in the bathroom, we grab a ... Keep Reading


What’s Lurking In Your Bagged Tea?

What is lurking in your bagged tea

If you love your tea then you’re not alone. Americans drink 3.8 billion gallons of tea a year — that’s a lot of tea bags! But wait — do you really know what’s lurking inside your bagged tea? Sure, tea bags are more convenient. However, is the ... Keep Reading


Panera Bread Uncovered: What Not To Eat

Ways Panera Bread is not healthy

I have to admit, when I first stepped into a Panera Bread I was sucked into the ambiance. Its inviting couches, fireplace, cool lines, vibrant menu and free Wi-Fi called me in. A welcome change, I felt, from other eateries that offered mediocre and ... Keep Reading


Why You Should Stop Using Windex

Reasons to stop using Windex

I love a clean house and windows are one of my pet peeves. My kids will tell you — I like my windows sparkling and will settle for nothing less than a streak-free shine. I admit I could probably write an ebook on how to keep your windows clean, ... Keep Reading


5 Ways Laundry Pods Can Endanger Your Home

Reasons to keep laundry pods out of your home

The use of laundry pods is rampant in this country and in various other areas of the world. It’s easy to see why — they’re super convenient. Instead of lugging around a heavy detergent bottle and measuring out the liquid (which often spills on your ... Keep Reading