How Kimchi Saved My Aching Stomach

How kimchi saved my aching stomach

For most of my life, my stomach and I have been at odds with each other. Ever since I was a little kid, I would have stomach aches on a regular basis… about three times a week, sometimes more. They usually weren’t horrible — I could still function — ... Keep Reading


8 Ailments Blackstrap Molasses Can Treat

Ailments blackstrap molasses can treat

When you hear the word “molasses,” what comes to mind? Maybe you immediately picture the slowly-moving, syrupy-sweet brown liquid. Maybe you think of holiday gingerbread. Perhaps you think of your favorite rich desserts. In all of these musings, do ... Keep Reading


Why Coffee Makes You Poop

Coffee makes you poop

For some, this may not come as a big surprise: coffee and pooping go hand in hand. So, why do we have the urge to poop after drinking coffee? Let’s dive into the reasons behind your morning cup of Joe and your morning poop. ... Keep Reading


7 Reasons To Use Sage Oil

Sage oil health benefits

Mmm, I love sage — it reminds me of the holidays. Whether our family is gathered around the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you bet you’ll find sage in the stuffing and in a fresh batch of herb compound butter (a recipe you can try for ... Keep Reading