This Is What’s Hidden In Your Canned Tuna

This is what's in your canned tuna

For those of us who like seafood, we know that you can’t always get your hands on the freshest fish. Whether it’s the exorbitant cost of fresh-caught fish at your supermarket, or the fact that you’ve basically got to eat it straight away or it’ll go ... Keep Reading


Add Cinnamon To This Every Morning

Add cinnamon to coffee every morning

For those who love to regularly kick start their morning cup of coffee with cinnamon, you're in for some good news. And for those who don’t, here’s something to consider. Science tells us that regular consumption of cinnamon can do so much more than ... Keep Reading


How Kimchi Saved My Aching Stomach

How kimchi saved my aching stomach

For most of my life, my stomach and I have been at odds with each other. Ever since I was a little kid, I would have stomach aches on a regular basis… about three times a week, sometimes more. They usually weren’t horrible — I could still function — ... Keep Reading


6 Health Benefits of Cinnamon And Honey

Health benefits of cinnamon and honey

You’ve probably heard by now that both cinnamon and honey are pretty darn healthy… but do you know just how healthy? In short, both of these foods truly deserve their “superfood” designation for many reasons (which we’ll get into shortly). What’s ... Keep Reading