What Your Blood Type Says About You

What your blood type says about you

If you don’t know your blood type, maybe it’s time you found out. Your blood could offer some important insights on your health like your susceptibility to disease, how you handle stress, how well you’ll age and much more. It can even tell you a ... Keep Reading


Your WiFi Could Be Harming Your Health

Could your WiFi make you sick

I work on the Internet all day long and have not really ever considered the health implications of doing so. I have exercised caution with other electronics; for example, I am careful with my cellphone and I don't have a microwave in the home. And ... Keep Reading


Are Humans Supposed To Eat Animals?

Should humans eat animals

The idea of going vegan elicits a strong reaction from people, both positive and negative. To many, the idea of eliminating all animal products from their diet and other practices seems impractical — impossible, even. Furthermore, many people have ... Keep Reading


4 Signs Your Thyroid Is Making You Sick

Signs your thyroid is making you sick

Literally millions of Americans are living with either an under-treated or undiagnosed chronic condition. Unfortunately, symptoms simply become a part of everyday life. Groggy mornings, fatigue, lack of focus, anxiety and other negative symptoms ... Keep Reading