Your WiFi Could Be Harming Your Health

Could your WiFi make you sick

I work on the Internet all day long and have not really ever considered the health implications of doing so. I have exercised caution with other electronics; for example, I am careful with my cellphone and I don't have a microwave in the home. And ... Keep Reading


Is Your AC Ruining Your Sleep?

Your AC may be ruining your sleep

On hot summer nights, many people rely on an air conditioner or a fan to help them sleep. Some people sleep with a fan all year round — even when it’s cold outside, the heat will be on, and so will the fan. The benefit of fans for sleep are two-fold: ... Keep Reading


9 Natural Ways To Combat Sleep Paralysis

Ways to prevent sleep paralysis

For many centuries, sleep paralysis was mythologized in some pretty terrifying ways. One myth was that the person experiencing sleep paralysis was being visited by evil spirits or demons. Another more recent myth involves alien abduction. Sounds ... Keep Reading