These 9 Foods Soothe Anxiety

Foods that soothe anxiety

For people that suffer from anxiety, doing normal, day-to-day tasks is not always so simple. Even something as innocuous as going to the grocery store, or stopping by the DMV office, can lead to churning thoughts, sweaty palms and panic attacks. It’s ... Keep Reading


These 4 Foods Kill Your Eyes

These foods kill your eyes

In the alternative health world, we have a tendency to focus on superfoods — those products of nature that improve our health and nurture our bodies. Often, we skip over those foods which have the opposite effect. These not-so-superfoods can harm not ... Keep Reading


Why Seaweed Is The New Gold

Seaweed food

Seaweed is now a multi-billion dollar a year business, though a highly unregulated one. The vast majority is produced for human consumption but is now also being used in herbal supplements, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Toothpaste ... Keep Reading