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Hey, Dr. Josh here and you've probably heard about the Dad Bod craze. If you haven't, let me explain.

The Dad Bod was first referenced by a Clemson University student who noticed that many of her male classmates had a little pudge around the edges, but weren't what we might think of as particularly overweight.

This student, Mackenzie Pearson, wrote, "The dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.' ".

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She went as far as to say that the best example of a Dad Bod is Leonardo DiCaprio!

Well, if it's okay for Leo, then why wouldn't all men simply just fall in line?

The problem is that while it may be common, the Dad Bod does not represent optimum health.

I get it because I can really relate...

You see, I have 3 beautiful children. But by the 3rd, I definitely realized I had a problem.

With a clinical practice here in Hamden, CT, I have very little down time. So when we had our 3rd child, Zaiah, I was the true champion of the Dad Bod.

Between working full-time, already chasing 2 young girls around the house and helping my wife raise our awesome new son, I had no time to exercise. I ate pretty well, but I wasn't going to the gym or concentrating on working out.

Then one day, I picked up Zaiah and noticed he was actually a bit of a chunker. There was some weight to this curious little dude. And I found myself out of breath.

I'm a naturopathic doctor, how could I be winded from picking up my son? So I did it again. And again. And again.

After about the 10th time, I put Zaiah back down on his mat and noticed that I was sweating.

baby in fly

That was a workout! Later on that day, I noticed my biceps were actually a little sore. This was a sign of muscle recovery after a good anaerobic exercise.

The next day, I decided to put Zaiah on my legs and do a crunch up, safely of course. And every time I came up, I would touch his nose to my nose. He loved it!

At that point I was hooked, and so was he!

I continued this every day until I was actually starting to get chiseled again!

I decided to document every single workout that I did with him. It was truly amazing. The bond and connection we shared while I spent 10 minutes a day with him doing exercises is something I will never forget.

If other dads could share the same experience I had with my little boy, I know it would create stronger bonds between father and child, all while getting rid of that dreaded Dad Bod.

So I put it into words and pictures. And I created Baby Barbells: The Dad's Guide to Fitness and Fathering.

baby barbells

Baby Barbells is a perfect gift for any dad, old and new. And it's one of those hard-paged books, so you can even read it to your child before bed. They love turning the pages.

In Baby Barbells I show you how to:

  • Get your midriff to six-pack status
  • Add more yards to your golf swing by toning those triceps
  • Unleash that massive chest of yours with the classic bench press
  • Burn stubborn belly fat with Baby Sit-ups
  • Use the car seat as a rowing machine to sharpen your shoulders
  • Master peek-a-boo popups for a sexy and solid lower back
  • Unlock the power of your lower body (you'll need it) with Lullaby Lunges and Tot Squats
  • And More!

All of this, while safely using your little child as a barbell!

baby barbells

Exercise is just half of the equation. Parenting is a lot more than just lifting babies. That's why I include:

  • 5 Steps to becoming a more involved and better father
  • How to easily bond with your baby during downtime
  • Show your spouse some love during this hectic life-changing experience
  • 8 SUPER simple steps to eating a healthy diet (it really is easy)
  • Balance Work and Family-life
  • Play with your baby without any electronics
  • 9 Ways to Master the tantrums! (it happens, but you'll be ready)
  • Champion the art of Baby-wearing
  • 4 Sleep Survival Strategies
  • And More!

Writing this book has been the highlight of my adult life. Yes, I see patients every day in my office and I often help them find ways to feel better.

But the pure enjoyment of bonding with my son and getting myself healthier was a win-win!

This makes for the perfect gift for a husband, brother, father and friend.

Moms typically get so connected to their little ones. It's time for us dads to take a page out of their book. I designed Baby Barbells to do exactly that.

And if you are a mom out there, and you want to give a gift that will last your family a lifetime, consider buying a copy for your child's dad. They will absolutely love it and cherish it like I did.

But wait. There's a problem. I only have 200 copies in stock. That’s all there are.

Once they sell out, I do not know when I will be able to provide more to readers of The Alternative Daily.

My publisher is currently selling this book for $14, but I have been able negotiate a special price for Alternative Daily readers of $10 if you are one of the first to order.

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Here are just a few of the comments I have received about Baby Barbells:

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baby barbells review perfect for new dads!

By: K. Ingerio on July 29, 2011

Format: Board book

"Baby Barbells: the Dad's Guide to Fitness and Fathering" written by Joshua Levitt, ND is a wonderful book! This would make a great gift for all new dads! Once a man becomes a dad, his entire world changes! This book shares tips for staying in shape physically and emotionally, building a bond with the baby and supporting the baby's mommy. This book is designed in a way that it is straight-forward and easy to read, filled with diagrams, charts and pictures and is enjoyable for everyone to read. Different aspects are addressed such as abs, down time, bonding with the baby and mother and balancing family and work. This book is the best fathering book I have seen!

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baby barbells review Out go-to gift for new dads!

By: wileyone on June 27, 2011

Format: Board book

I happened upon this book in a brick-and-mortar store. It is very simple, indestructible (always good with a little one around), and my husband loves it. Our daughter was 10 months old when we discovered Baby Barbells, and I wish we had it when she was littler! Such a great primer for things for dads to do with their babies, and great ideas for parenting and staying in shape. We went to an author event, and found the author really knowledgeable and approachable. This book is our new go-to gift for new dads we know.

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baby babells review This is a Sweet Little Book

By: Tova Pollen on April 28, 2011

Format: Board book | Verified Purchase

I love this book, It is a treat and a treasure. Baby Barbells: The Dad's Guide to Fitness and Fathering by Dr. Josh Levitt packs a punch of wit and wisdom about parenting and family health. The writing style is charming, very instructive and the drawings are awesome. My recommendation: buy a bunch of these delightful books and gift them to the guys you love.

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And as always, products bought through The Alternative Daily are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with this hard cover book, simply send it back to us for a full, no questions-asked refund.

Having a baby is a game changer and nobody said it was easy. In today's fast-paced world, it takes some serious skills to juggle the responsibilities of work, family and life with a new baby. When it comes to exercise, most new dads just succumb to the Dad Bod.

But you don't have to...

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When you start flipping through these pages you'll see there is an easy solution with that new ten pound slobbering, but cute, weight of yours.

Along the way, you'll squeeze in a few new reps, have a few laughs, learn new ways to bond and you'll definitely enjoy some quality daddy time.

I hope that you and your baby enjoy this time together, and that Baby Barbells helps you be the dad that you want to be.

Your friend,

Joshua Levitt, ND

Joshua Levitt, ND


This book is in high demand. Once they are gone, I don’t know when I can get you one. Grab your copy now!

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