Alternative Antibiotics May Be Better for our Mind and Body

Alternative Antibiotics May Just be Better for our Mind and Body

Studies suggest that the bottle of pills in the back of your medicine cabinet may no longer be the cure–all to relieve your latest symptoms. In fact, natural remedies may just get the trick done more efficiently.

Taking antibiotics could harm our bodies if we do not consume them properly. According to health professionals, bacterial resistance to antibiotics is currently on the rise. This results in the stronger bacteria surviving while increasing our chances of staying sick. Although not all of these remedies may work, there is a window of time before being diagnosed that these ailments could jumpstart the recovery process. So what is the harm in trying?

Alternative Solutions to Antibiotics

Drinking a variety of liquids may be one of the easiest ways to kill off the bacteria growing in your body.

For instance, if you feel strep throat coming on, simply gargle with bitter orange essential oil and salt water or sip on an anti-inflammatory tea. Teas such as black elder tea may also help to inhibit the bacterial growth of bronchitis. Flush out the bacteria of a Urinary Tract Infection with a diuretic like nettle or try drinking unsweetened cranberry or blueberry juice to help prevent E. coli.

Studies show that opting for a formula blended from five herbs including gentian root, black elder and primrose flowers, sorrel, and vervain, or consuming grape-seed extract will help to take care of your sinus infection. If that popping in your ear won’t die down as you suffer from an endless earache, simply chomp on a stick of green tea gum or drop in a few garlic eardrops.

So, instead of stocking up on antibiotics, simply open up your refrigerator and skim through your cabinets. You never know what your morning juice or a soothing cup of tea will do for you.

– The Alternative Daily

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