Coffee has long been thought of as a nasty, unhealthy beverage. But why has this historical liquid been given such a bad rap?

Well it could be how it’s made and what you add to it that make it disastrous.

Take this urgent quiz now to determine if your cup of java is hurting you or if it is actually a healthy superfood elixir!

Not only will you see your results instantly but you will receive a FREE 12 oz bag of our exclusive The Alternative Daily- Lucy’s Bru organic whole bean coffee - Free! Just pay shipping and handling of $6.95. Some restrictions apply.

Are your beans...


Ground right before brewing

How do you make your coffee?

French Press

Traditional Drip


Single Cup Machine (eg,: Keurig, Nespresso, Tassimo)

Do you use pre-filtered water?

Yes, I pour filtered water into the machine/device

No, straight from the tap

I use the device's built in filter

Do you use organic beans?



If you use creamer, what do you use?

Half & half


Almond or coconut butter

Coconut milk

Flavoured creamer


Which sweetener, if any, do you use?

Coconut sugar


Regular sugar

Agave nectar

Flavoured sweetener


Other sugar substitute


How many cups per day do you drink?

1-2 cups per day (or fewer)

3-4 cups per day

5 or more cups per day

Please select your gender



Please select your age range

Under 18





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