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A study conducted by Columbia University School of Public Health, estimated 95% of cancer is caused by diet and exposure to toxins.

YOU MUST DETOXIFY AND CLEANSE YOUR SYSTEM. It is imperative you introduce an intense combination of raw herbal compounds to break down the poisons established in your body. These poisons can be primarily stored right above your waist line, your stubborn Belly Fat.

Take this quick and simple quiz below to immediately reveal if your stubborn little belly chub and the level of toxins in your body put you at a higher risk for many deadly diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders and if you need to start a cleansing program. Not only will you see these results instantly, but you will also receive free health-related updates from time to time and your FREE eBook on How To Naturally Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body with Superfoods, directly to your inbox!

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I feel my mental clarity is:

Crystal clear, crisp, sharp

Mostly clear with very occasional moments of fuzzy brain

Moments of clarity mixed with fuzziness, like 50%/50%

My brain feels cloudy and fuzzy 90% of the time

My stress levels on any given day is:




My exercise habits are:


3-5 days a week

1-3 days a week


Are you or were you a smoker, or do you live with one?


I live with a smoker

I used to but quit

I am a smoker

What is the frequency of your alcohol intake?


1-3 days a week

3-5 days a week


How many fresh fruits & veggies do you eat everyday?

9 or more servings

5-9 servings

2-4 servings

1 or less

How many processed foods do you eat a day (anything from a box or package)?

1 or less

2-4 servings

5-9 servings

9 or more servings

Do you order take out or dine out 4 or more times per week?



Every Week

How often do you move your bowels?

Once a day

Twice a day

Once every other day

A few times a week

How much water do you drink per day?

At least 8 glasses

5-7 glasses

2-4 glasses

1 or less

Does Your Belly:

Lay firmly above your pants

Rest a little bit over your belt

Overlaps your waist line

Do you live in the:




How many massages do you get in 1 year?

More than 6 times

3-6 times a year

1-2 times a year


Do you use standard household cleaners?

Use organic & chemical free

Use a mix of chemical free and conventional cleaners

Use conventional cleaners

Have you ever detoxed or cleansed your body?

I detox regularly 4-6 times a year

It's been over a year since my least detox or cleanse

I've tried a cleanse once before


I feel tired:

only when it's bedtime

In the late afternoon

Around noon

All the time

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