How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Viruses and Bacteria Such as Ebola

October 24th, 2014 by

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Brain Detox Checklist: What You Need to Know to Reduce Cognitive Clutter

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X-ray hand

Study Find Men to be the Weaker Sex When it Comes to Bone Health

October 24th, 2014 by

A new study published by the International Osteoporosis Foundation this month, has revealed some rather startling statistics.

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Amazing Human Body Facts

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DIY Vitamin Water

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Study Alert: Energy Drinks Increase Nervousness and Insomnia in Athletes

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While energy drinks may increase athletic performance slightly, they also increase the instance of insomnia and nervousness. The popularity of … Keep Reading


Coffee in Moderation is Good for Liver Health

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Drinking coffee, in moderation, may help support good liver health according to a new study. The research published in the … Keep Reading


4 Ways to Add More Ginger to Your Diet

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12 Ways to EAT More Water

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Loss of Smell Can Predict Death, Researchers Say

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Eat this Always with Turmeric

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Pumpkin for Healthy and Radiant Skin

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While pumpkin is an amazing superfood and super tasty, there are lots of ways to use pumpkin without actually consuming … Keep Reading

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3 Low Cost Superfoods

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8 Ways to Make Your Plate More Colorful

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Six-Pack Abs Start in the Kitchen

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Sleep Better Naturally with 3 Delicious and Nutritious Tonics

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Study Shows: Working out Improves Your Memory

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This Amino Acid Helps Prevent Diabetes

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Are You Eating Dead Food?

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Consuming dead food is one of the worst things you can do for your gut. Dead foods are those that … Keep Reading

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DIY Herbal Shower Scrubs

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Body scrubs not only leave your body feeling and smelling clean, but they also exfoliate your skin. Oily skin acts … Keep Reading