Get Up At This Time For Better Health

Wake up at this time for better health

Are you a morning person or an enthusiast of the late-night hours? While some people can go either way, and others are middle-of-the-day types of people, a lot of us would choose one or the other. Some say that morning people are more productive (at ... Keep Reading


9 Natural Ways To Combat Sleep Paralysis

Ways to prevent sleep paralysis

For many centuries, sleep paralysis was mythologized in some pretty terrifying ways. One myth was that the person experiencing sleep paralysis was being visited by evil spirits or demons. Another more recent myth involves alien abduction. Sounds ... Keep Reading


Did A Physicist Just Disprove Ghosts?

A scientist may have disproved ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Many people do — more than would probably admit it. Some people claim they don’t believe in ghosts. But faced with a supernatural phenomenon that they cannot explain, they may leave the ghost possibility open in the back of ... Keep Reading