Podcast Episode #28: Drinking Your Own Urine Healthy? The Top 5 Healthiest Spices to Cook With


In Episode #28, we’re giving away a Berkey water filter! Stay tuned to find out how to get a chance to win! You definitely want one of these!

Dr. Joshua Levitt joins Jake and Megan to weigh in on a variety of different issues. Plus, the team takes some questions from our Facebook community.

Is it safe to drink your own urine?! Is this a crazy health trend or a last resort option when stranded without water? Dr. Josh sets the story straight.

Jake has Dr. Josh reveal his TOP 5 herbs and spices to implement into your nutritional regiment. Jake tells a story about how he infuses one of them into his daily coffee!

How can you find healthier foods for at home cooking? Megan talks about how she buys CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes filled with organic foods.

What are the benefits of meditation and how do you calm an over-active brain? Jake shares some tips on how to implement meditation into your life.

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  1. livefree1200cc says

    In China over a million people drink their own urine daily – they live longer when they do

  2. livefree1200cc says

    Jalepeno – 5000 scoville units.
    Cayenne – 50,000.
    Habenero – 500,000.
    Ghost pepper – 1,000,000

  3. ezcnick says

    It is common among knowledgeable pee drinker that the first pee in the morning is most beneficial. Many do not know that some shampoo, soap and toiletries have ingredients like first pee of cows (in the morning) added in them.

  4. Bobbie says

    Wow … Really, people? My first thought after reading these comments is, “Hmmm… India. A country where the great outdoors is AKA the great outhouse because indoor plumbing is not a given and neither is drinking water free from feces. For them, urine might just be an upgrade, but not for me. I’ll stick with water. As far as the Chinese, they are healthier than us because their diets are largely fish and veggies, not because they drink pee. Think about it. If pee was so good for you, then why would your body continuously excrete it as waste?

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