3 Daily Energy Drainers And How To Turn Them Around

3 Daily Energy Drainers And How To Turn Them Around

Are you experiencing daily energy drain? If you’re feeling tired, less enthused about waking up everyday or just plain fatigued, you may need to take a step back from your daily schedule. There are three stressors that contribute to lethargy and they include working too long or hard, not having a plan before work, and failing to have a plan after work.

Many times our energy levels are depleted because we’re doing too much and it’s exhausting us physically and emotionally. When life weighs down on you, it’s important to notice where you’re overcommitted or working too long or hard. Doing less or taking breaks will refuel you and give you the strength you need to be successful.

Stressor #1: Working too long or hard.

While the majority of adults must work to bring in an income, it’s critical to create a schedule that works for you. At work, ask for support when you need it, delegate responsibilities that are distracting you from doing the core of your work, use technology to organize your calendar, and take breaks throughout the day as needed. This will create a work environment that makes you more productive, effective and focused on the job. You will feel great about coming to work and knowing you can handle the responsibilities you have without stress.

Stressor #2: Not having a plan before work.

If you’re waking up and getting into work-mode you’re creating more of a drain in your life. Before going to work each day, have a list of different go-to activities that will energize you and give you inspiration and a positive outlook. These should be things you enjoy or will look forward to each morning and can include listening to music, journaling, meditation, exercise, dancing or anything else that brings you joy.

Stressor #3: Not planning after-work festivities.

Are you coming home after work and plopping on the couch to watch a few hours of TV to de-stress? This may not be the best way to feel better about your life. Television can zap energy and only serves as a distraction from a stressful day. Try making your home a safe haven, full of nourishing, calming or fun activities. You may want to read, cook dinner with beautiful music, drink a glass of wine, take a bath or anything else that soothes your spirit. Plan ahead for some peaceful evening activities that will fill up your energy reserve.

If you want a life full of vibrant health and energy, all you need to do is plan ahead. Be sure to take breaks at work and create an organized schedule that allows you more freedom. Start each day with activities that bring energy and inspiration and end each day with things that nourish you. Doing any one of these things will turn your weary mind and body into a whole new (and energized) you.

– Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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