5 Great Movies that Make Us Cry (It’s Healthy!)

There are some movies that require you to have a box of tissues on hand (and probably a small trash can to dispose of them). These tearjerkers will pull at your heart and bring on moments when you may sob, or maybe even heave just a bit.

Most of these are love stories, but all of them are life stories that will definitely bring a tear to your eye.


We all know the story of the Titanic and it’s demise. Now add a couple, Rose and Jack, who are from opposite social class, find each other and fall in love. The movie is about their time together on the Titanic, and shows their struggle to survive – and help each other survive – once the iceberg hits.


Sam and Molly, who live in Manhattan, are madly in love. Sam works for a bank and Molly is a potter. One night while they are walking, Sam is killed. However, he comes back to protect his lover, who is in danger. Grab the tissues because when you see how much these two people are in love, and the loss that they face, it breaks your heart.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

For this movie, you might need two boxes of tissues: one for the struggles of the main character and one for the injustice being done to the Jews. A boy by the name of Bruno, whose father is a Nazi commander, befriends another boy by the name of Shmuel, who is in a concentration camp. Bruno has no idea what the concentration camp is, and why the boy inside there is wearing striped pajamas. It truly is a heart wrenching story.

Old Yeller

This movie is set in Texas in the 1860s, and is about a boy named Travis and his dog, Old Yeller. Travis’s father has gone away to a cattle drive, and leaves Travis, his younger brother, Arliss, and his mother on the ranch – with Old Yeller to protect them. Danger comes to the ranch, and Old Yeller sure shows his heroism… bring on the tears and the tissues.

Love Story

Oliver and Jenny fall in love and get married. Seems simple enough, but Oliver’s dad, who is wealthy, did not want his son to marry a girl who came from a blue collar background, and cuts him off from his allowance. The movie follows the couple’s struggle to build their lives together, and is the source of the famous phrase: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Why crying is good for you

Crying – though it may not be much fun sometimes – is a natural way to reduce stress, and actually makes you feel better. After crying, most people feel less angry or sad. Here are some reasons to shed some tears when you need to:

three sad teenage girl watching tv at homeCrying relieves stress and removes toxins. Your tears actually remove chemical buildup from stress in your body. On the flip side, if you don’t release your stress, it can build up and may cause high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Crying lubricates the eyes. Tears lubricate the eyes and eyelids. They also protect your eyes from irritants, like dust and fumes.

Crying puts you in a better mood. When you stress too much, your body creates manganese, and too much can cause irritability. Crying releases the excess manganese, thus likely putting you in a better mood.

Crying kills bacteria. Crying can help prevent you from getting sick. You tears kill 90 percent of local bacteria in just a few minutes.

So, whether you’re crying over a movie, hit your finger with a hammer, or just feel like it, let the tears flow. Humans are the only creatures known to shed tears for emotional reasons. It’s a gift, a way to set your emotions free.

Grab a box of tissues, throw a tearjerker into the DVD player, and bring on the tears.

-The Alternative Daily


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