Breast Cancer Development Linked to Childhood Eating Habits

Breast Cancer Development Linked to Childhood Eating Habits

At the University of California, Davis, researchers have linked the potential development of breast cancer to childhood eating. Researchers found that early development of obesity and type 2 diabetes may be connected to breast cancer later in life.

Breast Cancer Development Linked to Childhood Eating HabitsHigh Fat Diet and Breast Development

Mice fed a steady diet of high fat food which triggered obesity developed breast tumors as they aged. To rule out estrogen as a contributing factor, the study used male mice and female mice which had estrogen production blocked.

When fed a high fat diet during early development, researchers found that breast tissue growth coincides with metabolic changes that lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, researchers found that estrogen is not the only factor in potentially developing breast cancer, since it was eliminated as a potential factor.

Researchers also found that genetic factors influence potential breast cancer development. They hypothesize that if genetic risks are present, developing type 2 diabetes or obesity may turn on the cancer switch, increasing the risk of developing the disease.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Kids

It is important to build a strong foundation of health for children during their early years. Eating a diet with little or no processed foods and sugar can help children avoid potential long term health problems in the future. Parents can teach children healthy ways to choose and prepare foods that are enjoyable, setting their palates for life.

You can engage your children by growing your own organic fruits and vegetables in a home garden. Encourage them to help you choose plants and water and harvest the produce. Take them shopping with you and let them choose fruits and vegetables and prepare them when you get home.

Playing outside, going on daily walks and bike riding are great ways to be physically active for kids. Children who enjoy athletic activities can be encouraged to participate in school programs. Include your kids in your own physical activities to model healthy exercise habits for them.

By encouraging children to develop healthy eating and exercise habits early in life, you will help them avoid potential substantial health problems later in life. Be a good model for the kids in your life by showing them how to make healthy food choices that include a variety of brightly colored vegetables and fruits and whole grain foods. Show the kids in your life that being physically active can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

How do you model healthy lifestyle choices for the kids in your life? Let us know in the comments section.

– The Alternative Daily

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