Genetics and Longevity: Is Your Health Doomed by Genetics?

Genetics and Longevity: Is Your Health Doomed by Genetics?

I get this question all the time.  People want to know if they are destined for poor health because of family history.  They say things like “well, my whole family is overweight…”, “well, my mother or father had cancer…”, “well, I’m destined to be this way…”, “well you know my grandmothers brother’s daughter was diagnosed with this rare disease…”  You get the picture.

These are just a few of the excuses I hear when people tell me why they can’t possibly be healthy.  Maybe you’ve used a couple of these yourself.

Really?  Is this really true?

When I hear this it usually means one has given up and is going to accept the fate that comes.  They figure they have damaged their bodies to the point that there is nothing they can do except blame genetics.  Here is the truth; it’s your lifestyle choices that determine your health not your genetics.

Now of course you can be predisposed to certain diseases and illness, but it does not mean that you have to accept it as your fate.

Here’s a fact that will make you a believer… Did you know by the time you reach age 50, your lifestyle choices determine 80% of how you age!   The remaining 20% is inherited genetics.  You actually have the power to age faster or slower depending on your lifestyle choices.  This is profound information because you now have the knowledge to change your health forever.

Our human body has the incredible ability to heal itself given the right nutrients and lifestyle choices.  The dietary and lifestyle choices you make every single day shape the underlying causes of most diseases and illnesses.

Whether you choose to make better decisions is up to you.  Whether you choose to exercise is up to you.  Whether you reach for a piece of fruit or a bag of potato chips is completely your call.  You can choose to nourish your body or not, either way you made a choice.

It’s not too late to change the path you are on.  You are not doomed by genetics, and you can live the long, healthful life you dream of if you wish to.

– Angela Garrison

As a Health and Wellness expert, Angela is helping people unleash their super-power ability to prevent their bodies from getting sick in the future.  Angela is also a Children’s Health Advocate and founder of the popular Change Your Food Change Your Future program, proving of all the things we control and make decisions about every single day…. there is one that you absolutely must get right.

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