Obesity Linked to Higher Cancer Risk: You Can Do Something About It

Obesity Linked to Higher Cancer Risk: You Can Do Something About It

According to a new study reported in Cancer Research, individuals who are obese have a higher risk of developing potentially fatal cancer when compared to individuals who maintain healthy body weight. Researchers at the University of Texas Houston discovered that specific cells in obese patients contribute to the development of cancerous tumors, potentially leading to higher risk of death.

Obesity Linked to Higher Cancer Risk: You Can Do Something About ItAdipose Fat and Cancer Growth

Adipose fat is the fat associated with obesity. It is the fat that surrounds organs and is most associated with higher risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular illness. However, researchers have now found that adipose fat also plays a role in the development of cancer tumors.

Adipose fat cells, also called adipose stromal cells, travel into the circulatory system where they travel to potential cancer cells. Once they arrive at the cancer cells, they are incorporated into developing tumors. Although some cells remain fat cells, other form into blood vessels that are associated with the cancerous tumors. As a result, they support tumor growth in the form of supplying oxygen and nutrients to cancer cells.

The good news from this research is that it provides a glimpse into another aspect of health that obesity impacts. Maintaining a healthy weight can often be a challenge, but the cost of becoming and staying obese is substantial. In addition to potential cancer risks, diabetes and cardiovascular risks, there are also the financial costs associated with being overweight including increased health expenses.

Being active is one of the basic foundational ways to maintain healthy weight levels. Instead of sitting in front of the television during the evening, try taking a walk or going outside and playing with your kids. There is no need to run a marathon every weekend, just be active at least 30 minutes a day.

Eating a healthy diet also supports healthy weight. Instead of grabbing a quick meal at the closest fast food place, stop in at a grocery store and grab an apple or some raw almonds for a quick and healthy snack. Reducing processed foods and foods with refined sugar are also healthy food choices that will improve your overall health.

Obesity is costly, no matter how you look at it. Individuals who are struggling with obesity run a number of serious risks to their health. With new research connecting obesity with cancer, who knows what else will be revealed next for this significant health problem?

– The Alternative Daily

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