To Detox or Not To Detox: 4 Signals Your Body Needs A Cleaning

To Detox or Not To Detox: 4 Signals Your Body Needs A Cleaning

Just as the dashboard in your car tells you to get an oil change, check the tire pressure, get some gas, or check the engine; your body gives you signs and signals that it needs or doesn’t need things too. The problem is we as a society tend to ignore these warning signs, blowing them off as “normal”. This is incredibly dangerous as it’s not normal to have headaches constantly, or be tired all the time. These are serious “check engine” signals that something is not quite right inside your body and it needs you to listen.

Here are some of the most common signals your body is telling you that it needs a serous cleaning, otherwise known as a whole body detoxification.

1. You are fatigued and feel tired constantly

More and more people are complaining of feeling so run down and tired all the time. Could it have something to do with toxins inside the body? Absolutely! A build up of metal toxins in particular can make you feel tired and leave your mind feeling foggy. Metal toxins like Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, & Lead build up and accumulate in the soft tissues of your body. As with all other toxins, there is no way to know how much has built up and what the damage is. Toxicity builds up silently everywhere in your body; in your cells, tissues, blood, brain, and organs. Metal toxicity is especially dangerous because the damage can be irreversible and you will not have any other warning signs until it’s too late. These toxic metals can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain and neurological disorders. This is why cleansing or detoxing your body regularly is so important.

2. You are overweight

Let’s face the facts; we as humans are heavier than we have ever been…ever! Not only have our lifestyles become sedentary our diets are full of processed foods loaded with chemicals, sugar, and fat. I like to say our food supply is more “food like”. These toxins take up residency in our guts, colon, and cells; especially fat cells. When you overload your liver with fat soluble toxins the liver pushes them back into the bloodstream and are stored in your fat cells, if your body can’t find room in your existing fat cells it will find new fat cells and will even store them in the fatty tissue of your brain. Some fat soluble toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, and dioxins. Have you ever tried to lose weight and hit a “plateau” or a point where you have more to lose but can’t seem to get it off? That’s because what you really need is to detoxify the toxins out of your cells to help flush out those resistant fat cells.

3. You experience frequent headaches or migraines

Frequent headaches is not a “normal” function of the body and yet headaches are the number one pain problem in the United States. The major causes of both tension and migraine headaches is the accumulation of toxins within your central nervous system. When you have a headache your body is trying to remove toxins. If you get headaches frequently it’s a sign that there is trouble in your body and it needs some help getting the build up of toxins out.

4. You have cravings or are continually snacking

Americans are overfed and starving at the same time. Our food is so nutritionally deficient and full of chemicals that our bodies are literally starving for nutrients. Imagine you have not taken good care of your body for a number of years, unhealthy diet, little to no exercise, are stressed out often…not too uncommon. Now imagine a cell in your body. A cell is a single space, meaning it can only hold on to one thing at a time. If you have not taken care of yourself this cell is likely holding on to a toxin. So even if you decide to eat a healthy meal, your body cannot fully absorb the nutrients because it’s already full… of toxins. The cycle continues, you keep wanting to eat because your body thinks it’s starving. Regular detoxing allows your body to absorb the nutrients in the healthy foods you do eat which keeps you from craving more food.

Flushing toxins out of your body is not a fad and it’s not something that is a luxury that you will do one day if you have time or think of it. It’s a must! You should try to do a little bit of detoxifying every day with a full whole body cleaning every 3 months. Going back to the car analogy in the introduction, most of us make sure we take good care of our cars. I know my husband is a stickler for the every 3 month oil change. Truth is most of us take better care of our cars than we do our own bodies. It’s time for a change. Regain control of your body. Take the time now to cleanse yourself, your body is giving you all the signals.

– Angela Garrison

As a Health and Wellness expert, Angela is helping people unleash their super-power ability to prevent their bodies from getting sick in the future.  Angela is also a Children’s Health Advocate and founder of the popular Change Your Food Change Your Future program, proving of all the things we control and make decisions about every single day…. there is one that you absolutely must get right.

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