Yogurt And Probiotics – It Might Provide You With Good Health and Some Sexual Swagger

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set out to study the benefits of eating a diet rich in probiotics and made some startling and amusing discoveries. As it turns out, eating yogurt may help more than your digestion.

The Vanilla Yogurt Surprise

The study, led by Susan Erdman and Eric Alm, set out to study the effects of probiotics on obesity and if eating yogurt could be an effective method of controlling weight. However, what they discovered left them scratching their heads and smiling. In a group of mice fed yogurt, they found that not only did the mice lose weight, but they had some other decidedly beneficial side effects.

In addition to increased silky, shiny hair, the male mice gained, shall we say, sexual enhancements. The researchers were startled to realize that the males on the diet began displaying larger testicles compared to the male mice not on the vanilla yogurt diet. Also, it turned out these same male mice were also significantly more sexually active and virile than their non-yogurt-eating counterparts. For the females, those on the yogurt diet had larger litters and weaned their offspring more successfully.

The researchers speculate that the improved sexual performance and enhancements may be due to improved overall health resulting from the probiotic diet. As the mice lost weight and became leaner, their bodies were better able to perform sexually and reproductively.

Although the results of this study may be amusing, they may also have profound implications medically. If the researcher’s suspicions are valid, couples may find doctors recommending eating yogurt and weight loss as a method of helping with infertility.

– The Alternative Daily

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