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Cleanup Of Waterways Costly, But Benefits Outweigh the Expense
Researchers Find that Natural Gut Viruses Important for Our Health
New Test Can Detect Whether that Burger is Really Beef or Horse Meat
Public Restrooms Not as Filthy as their Reputation, New Study Reveals
Seven Ways Your Work is Really Harming You
Diseases Spread by Insects Making their Way to the US
Another Reason to Avoid Midnight Snacking
Austrian Student Designs Bike Bottle that Collects Water from Thin Air
Alarming Fact: Obesity Linked to a Half Million New Cancers Worldwide
Lower Blood Pressure and Promote Fat Loss with Berberine
Russia Announces Ban on GMO Imports
Increasing Number of Calls to Poison Centers Involve Kids and Energy Drinks
The Line Has Been Crossed: Scientists at McDonald’s Create Bubblegum Flavored… Broccoli?
Stress is Harder on Young Women’s Hearts, Study Finds
Combating Diabetes with Yoga
Hershey’s Syrup Ditches High Fructose Corn Syrup – But it’s Still a Sugar Nightmare
Is Your Clothing Polluting Our Oceans?
Study Finds Marijuana Shrinks Aggressive Brain Tumor
Sleeping at Golden Corral Might Save You from the Food
9th Grade Food Blogger Takes On Big Sugar
Environmental Working Group Reports on Clorox Disclosure of Fragrance Allergens
5 Fabrics that My be Rubbing You the Wrong Way
New Study Shows Each Kiss Transfers Millions of Bacteria
The Muscle Every Woman Should Not Ignore
Environmental Working Group Reports that New GE Crops Are Putting Foods at Risk
A Bus Powered by Human Poop… Really??
Eeek.. Health Care Providers May Forget to Wash Their Hands
Can We Really Trust Schools With Our Children’s Lunches?
Lawsuit Filed Against the FDA for Newly Approved Animal Drugs
Breaking News: House Passes Bill to Keep Independent Scientists from Advising EPA

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