Study: Watermelon May Stimulate Some Men

Watermelon May Stimulate Some Men

A study conducted at Texas A&M University showed that watermelon, one of our favorite pastime fruits, may have similar effects as Viagra. This mouth-watering snack stimulates our blood vessels, which can help to increase libido.

Watermelon May Stimulate Some Men
The few, but nutritious ingredients that make up watermelon relaxes our blood vessels. These nutrients including beta-carotene and phytonutrients work in the same way that Viagra does, helping to release sperm and seminal fluid from the prostate gland. Citrulline, an a-amino acid and a biomarker of intestinal functionality, has found to be a possible contributor as well.

Researchers at Texas A&M say that eating watermelon can help to prevent erectile dysfunction. When citrulline enters the body it is converted into arginine. This amino acid benefits the heart, circulation and the immune system. While boosting nitric oxide, this acid works to keep our blood vessels at east. Quite stimulating, isn’t it?

Although watermelon is not as organ specific as Viagra, it is a great alternative to it. Watermelon is an also excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which help to strengthen immunity, prevent cell damage and promote healthy teeth and gums. High in vitamin B6, this nutritious fruit helps your brain function more properly as well.

Alone or in a fruit salad, much on this snack this summer and you may be surprised what you can get out of it. Take advantage of all that it has to offer and don’t be afraid to add it to your favorite recipes!

– The Alternative Daily

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