21 Most Devastating Pictures And Videos From The California Wildfires

Several highly intense and dangerous wildfires are currently scorching areas throughout California. In northern California, the fires gained a tremendous amount of strength this past Sunday evening as a result of favorable weather conditions in the area. Officials are reporting that the wildfires are being wind-driven across nearly 119,000 acres.

At the moment, 200 firefighters, six helicopters and six airplanes are trying to decelerate devastation across the state. So far, there have been 13 reported deaths and more than 100 reported injuries, ranging from severe burns to smoke inhalation.

Here is a map, released by NASA, of where some of the more intense wildfires are currently burning, with populated areas like Santa Rosa and Napa Valley right in the midst of the worst.

It should be noted that there are other serious wildfires in parts of the state, like in Anaheim Hills. Unfortunately, there will be no way to tell how many homes have been destroyed until after the fires end.

What we can report for certain are the mind-boggling videos and pictures that people are sending out from areas in the ravaging inferno.

Here are 20 of the most shocking pictures and videos, which help depict the horror that so many people are unfortunately going through.

1. Santa Rosa neighborhood, before and after

2. Santa Rosa destruction

3. Napa Valley burning

4. Photos from Sonoma and Napa counties

5. Homes being destroyed

6. Video from Napa County

7. Satellite imagery of the fires  

8. A home goes up in flames

9. Glowing skies at Disneyland from Anaheim Hills fire

10. Building in Santa Rosa

11. Video recorded near Santa Rosa

12. Photos from Anaheim Hills

13. Napa neighborhood in ruins

14. Pool in Santa Rosa

15. Video from Napa Valley

16. Businesses destroyed in Santa Rosa

17. Neighborhood in ashes

18. Downtown Santa Rosa smoke

19. Wine Country in flames

20. Smoke in Anaheim Hills

To anyone affected by this fire, please stay safe and we hope your houses are safe too. #canyonfire2 #anaheimhills #fire

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21. Fire at farm in Napa Valley

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