HFCS and GMO Addiction Fueling Cancer, Gut and Immune Disorders

HFCS and GMO Addiction Fueling Cancer, Gut and Immune Disorders

Food is one thing humans need in order to survive. We need air. We need water. We need food. But the types of food that we as humans are now eating have changed in the past few decades. Interestingly, cancer rates have also been on the increase. Researchers are now convinced that the two events are linked.

HFCS and GMO Addiction Fueling Cancer, Gut and Immune DisordersThe Fructose-Cancer Link

In a study recently published in the professional health journal Cancer Research, researchers noted that the high amounts of processed foods present in the American diet has a dramatic impact on the development of cancer. Most of these foods contain two components: wheat products and high fructose corn sweeteners. Wheat used in most processed foods today has been Genetically Modified to increase production and it is present in almost all processed food products. Numerous scientists now believe that overexposure to wheat has resulted in the high levels of food and gluten sensitivity many people are now experiencing. These conditions are linked to poor gut health and immune system disorders.

High fructose corn sweeteners are also present in almost all processed food products. Although natural sweeteners are not new in human food consumption, corn-based fructose is a relatively new introduction to food. High fructose corn sweeteners have been linked to DNA damage, increased levels of inflammation, altered cellular metabolism and higher rates of free radical production. All these effects contribute to the development of cancer and other progressively degenerative diseases.

Food addiction has also become a large problem and has been linked to the presence of high fructose corn sweeteners. Nora Volkow, of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cites a study which found that fructose and sucralose have the same effect on the brain as cocaine. As the brain reacts to the addictive qualities of these sweeteners, craving stimulates the need to eat more and more processed foods, further exposing cells to body toxins that contribute to cancer development.

Processed foods can be addicting. They taste good, are easy to eat and are easily accessible. However, they can lead to long-lasting damaging health effects. If you start reading food labels, you might be surprised to discover how much of what you eat contains unhealthy and damaging ingredients. Shifting your food consumption to water, healthy whole grains and organic whole fruits and vegetables can help naturally cleanse your body of toxins from processed foods and help prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating illnesses.

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