5 Tips for Taking a Baby on a Cruise

Taking your baby on a cruise can be tricky, but if you pack correctly, and plan for the unexpected before, during, and after the cruise, things should run smoothly for you.
Just remember that babies are unpredictable, and getting them out of their routine for a week or more can be challenging for all. However, if you remain flexible, everyone can have a good time.

Booking – If you can, splurge for a balcony stateroom. It’s bigger and it will give your little one room to crawl around. An added bonus with the balcony is while your baby’s napping, you can enjoy being outside. It will also be big enough for the crib, which you should reserve when you book your cruise.

Packing – Try to remember all the things your baby needs: diapers, formula, bottles, wipes, baby food, bibs, toys… just the favorites, baby spoons, hmmm… hopefully that’s everything. Write a list and check off each item when you pack it.

It’s best to bring more as far as diapers and food/formula, because the ships have a limited supply, if they have what you need at all. You’ll be taking your chances, so pack more to be sure.

babyBathing – There will probably not be a tub in your room, and holding your baby in the shower while you hose them down just isn’t a reasonable option. It would be wise to pack an inflatable tub to wash them.

Dining – You will not have to worry about a booster seat or high chair – all cruise lines offer them. While it’s fine to eat in the dining room, it might be more convenient to eat at the buffet. It’s more relaxed and there is more finger food available for little fingers. If you’re needing the food pureed, some cruise lines will offer that service.

Play time – On the ship, there will be kids-only designated areas, with books and toys, and plenty of room for them to crawl around in. Some cruise lines will offer a nursery with nanny service, free of charge. Be sure to check on your cruise line’s childcare services before you book.

One final note: if you relax and enjoy the time with your precious one, everyone will have a good time cruising the waters. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and don’t forget sun protection, hat, sunglasses (if they will tolerate them) and an umbrella for shade.

-The Alternative Daily


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