Why You Need to Detox From Your Desk Chair

Why You Need to Detox From Your Desk Chair

A dangerous chemical removed from children’s pajamas almost 30 years ago has resurfaced in the seat of office chairs. Researchers from Boston University School of Public Health found signs of this chemical, known as TDCPP in 99 percent of dust samples taken from study participant’s homes vehicles and offices in the Boston area. The study found that the exposure was greatest in older office environments.

TDCPP is added to polyurethane foam in upholstered furniture, such as office chairs, as a fire retardant. The toxic chemical can be absorbed through the skin and gastrointestinal tract. The possible risk this poses to human health should not be ignored. In fact, this dangerous chemical was added in 2011 to the Proposition 65 list of chemicals noted in the State of California to cause cancer. According to In vitro studies, TDCPP may be neurotoxic causing decreased semen quality and reduced free thyroxine in men. This suggests effects on both thyroid function and fertility.

TDCPP is just one of a number of workplace toxins that are presently under investigation for their potential impact on health. Yet another reason why regular detoxification is so vital.

Importance of Detoxification

Because it is most likely not feasible for you to quit your job, detoxifying from harmful chemical exposure is necessary if you wish to be healthy. Environmental toxins, such as the ones we are exposed at our offices, enter the body quietly but, over time, can seriously compromise our health. Even if you don’t know for sure if you are working in a toxic office, assume that your body is absorbing more dangerous toxins than you can imagine on any given day. The body is wired to detoxify to a certain degree. However, most people are just not healthy enough to deal with the continual toxic assault.

Ways to Help Your Body Detox

One of the best things you can do for your body is to provide the right fuel so it can do its job 100% of the time. Contrary to what some may think, detoxification does not require a particular pill or magic potion. Switching from a highly-processed diet to a diet rich in whole foods such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean organic protein and plenty of fresh, filtered water is a terrific start. The energy that your body was putting into trying to break down and find nutrients in processed foods can now be directed at defending you from toxins. Think of it as giving your body ammunition to fight off the  Why You Need to Detox From Your Desk Chairenemies.

Foods that have a detoxifying impact on the body, that is they help the body do its job, include such things as green tea, garlic, seaweed, celery, blueberries, grapefruit, kale, cranberries, spirulina, chlorella and ginger. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables is also a great way to help the body rid itself of harmful toxins. The value of exercise should never be undervalued. Regular, daily exercise promotes detoxification and helps with digestion and circulation which increases our self-cleansing abilities.

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