49 Amazing Ways To Use Borax Around The House

Do your everyday cleaning
Clean sinks, counters, tubs and showers by sprinkling borax onto a sponge or cloth. Borax can be used even on finishes like fiberglass without scratching them. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning for a sparkling result.

You can also make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing one tablespoon of borax with two tablespoons of vinegar and a few drops of dish liquid in a spray bottle, then top it up with hot water.

To give your toilet a deep clean, pour one cup of borax into the toilet bowl and leave overnight. This will help loosen any stains, which will scrub away easily in the morning.

Clean windows and mirrors with a mixture of two tablespoons borax dissolved into three cups warm water. This is especially useful for very grimy surfaces. Use a soft lint-free cloth and buff to a shine. You can also repeat the cleaning with a mixture of water and vinegar after doing most of the work with the borax solution.

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