7 Things Your Nails are Saying About Your Health

How often do you look at your fingernails and wonder what they are saying about your health? If you are honest – your answer is probably very infrequently. However, fingernails like other body parts, are places where we can see visible signs of imbalance that we would be wise to acknowledge.

The human body has amazing ways to express itself and communicates its status to us so that we can assist it to regain balance. Yes, your fingernails do talk.

Changes in either fingernails or toenails can be a sign of an underlying disorder that needs attention. Expression of imbalance begins on the outside and often manifests itself on the outside.

Healthy nails are strong, flat and smooth with pink nail beds. If your nails have ridges, splitting, discolorations or curving, there may be something brewing inside. Here are seven things that your nails may be trying to tell you.

White Spots

White spots may be a sign of a zinc deficiency or even chronic problems with your adrenals. If you live in a constant state of stress, white spots may give away the anxiety on the inside. You can also get white spots on your nails if your nail experiences trauma of some kind.

Hangnails, Splits and Peels

If you are prone to hangnails you may have a lack of folic acid, vitamin C or protein while thick, red cuticles that peel are often a sign too much protein. Nails that split easily may be reason to suspect digestive disorders and a lack of stomach acids to assimilate minerals.

Flaking and Discoloration

Flaking and peeling nails are an indication of yeast or fungus. Sometimes if you have a problem with fungus your nails may take on a yellow tinge. Over 50% of all nail discoloration is caused by a fungus. Some people may experience yellowing in nails as a side effect from medication.

Dryness and Brittleness

Dryness and brittleness are common with a lack of vitamin A and essential fatty acids. People who follow a very low fat-diet often have dry and brittle nails. However, if you expose your nails to constant manicures or acrylic nails they can also become brittle and very dry. If you find this happening, take a break from your manicure and spend some time moisturizing your nails and giving them time to breathe.

Dark Vertical Bands

If your nails develop dark lines running from top to bottom, it could be a sign of advancing skin cancer. Although pigmented lines are common in darker skinned people, if the band is new or grows in color, depth or appearance, it is time to see your physician.

Scooped Nails

nailsCurved or scooped nails are often a sign of iron deficiency according to Kyle Coleman, MD. Nails spoon when the blood supply does not reach the middle of the nail. Because of this, the nail fails to grow in the center. Curved nails can also be an indication of hypothyroidism or heart disease.

Vertical Ridges

Raised ridges and beading may indicate a problem with arthritis. This is also a sign of poor nutrient absorption and even kidney disorders. Both of these problems can lead to arthritic conditions.

Since your nail health has much to say about your overall health, it is not surprising that following a healthy diet and addressing any known deficiencies is an important first step.

Seek medical attention when changes in your nails persist.

-The Alternative Daily

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