Alternative Therapies Continuing to Gain Acceptance with Mainstream Medicine [Video]

Alternative Therapies Continuing to Gain Acceptance with Mainstream Medicine [Video]

In a report on NBC Nightly News, Dr. Nancy Snyderman discussed broader acceptance of alternative and complimentary forms of treatment for cancer patients. According to the report, researchers exploring cancer treatments discovered that approximately 70 percent of cancer treatment centers now recommend some form of complimentary therapy to their patients.

Alternative Therapies Continuing to Gain Acceptance with Mainstream Medicine [Video]Acupuncture, Massage and More

Many leading cancer treatment specialists now recognize that many alternative treatment modalities provide effective relief for many of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The most common form of alternative therapy is acupuncture, which can help with nausea and pain. See video below for more…

Massage can also help with feelings of anxiety and stress reduction for cancer patient. Often, anxiety lowers pain thresholds, making feelings of pain more intense. Other methods of stress reduction that are especially effective for reducing pain and anxiety include biofeedback and meditation.

Yoga is also a highly effective form of treatment for cancer patients. It can improve feelings of peace and centerednesss. Additionally, yoga improves flexibility and stamina for many cancer patients.

For many cancer patients, using alternative therapies provides them with a feeling of control and peace. Often, complimentary therapies empower patients by enhancing their ability to make choices for themselves. Cancer is usually an unexpected and traumatic event and complimentary medicine allows patients to relieve anxiety and improves the mind-body connection.

Although alternative medicine is being used more often for cancer patients, almost everyone can benefit from using these methods for health concerns. For example, acupuncture is an effective treatment for a wide range of health issues, including chronic pain, hormone imbalance, anxiety and depression. It is a holistic approach that balances energy flow throughout the body. Other popular and effective complimentary medicine disciplines include rolfing, cranial sacral therapy, movement therapy, creative imagery, herbal medicine and mindful meditation.

Do you use alternative therapies? Which ones have you tried and which ones worked best for you? We would love to find out!

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