Looking for Alternatives to Dairy Cheese?

Looking for Alternatives to Dairy Cheese?

Not so long ago, you might have been hard pressed to find alternatives to cheese if you avoided it due to a sensitivity or dietary custom, such as veganism. Today, that’s all changed.

Looking for Alternatives to Dairy Cheese?
Nearly every store carries a brand or two of non-dairy cheese. And if you visit a natural foods store, you might find a wide variety of alternatives, including slices, blocks, shreds, grated toppings, sauces, and spreads. There are dairy-free products suited to replace cheese in just about every way imaginable, including topping a pizza, spreading cream cheese on a bagel, melting cheese in a sandwich, sprinkling Parmesan over pasta, and enjoying cheese sauce over a potato.

Cheese alternatives can add much needed pleasure to a dairy-free diet, helping you to enjoy traditional, delicious foods without the sacrifice of taste. And the quality of faux cheeses has grown dramatically; though they may not always taste great straight out of the package, their texture and taste is excellent when the product is melted on a food. However, keep your eye on the nutritional lineup and ingredients list.

Some fake cheeses comprise primarily oils and artificial ingredients, making them high in fat and sodium, but skimpy in nutrients such as protein and calcium. Search for alternatives that provide better taste and nutrition profiles.

– Environmental Nutrition

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