Simple Steps to Quickly Improve Gut Health

Simple Steps to Quickly Improve Gut Health

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how healthy you try to eat. Those unwanted digestion problems could strike you at any point throughout the day, making you wish you held off on that last spoonful of spinach artichoke dip. But what happens when you can’t control this uncomfortable feeling? A new study reveals that you can improve your digestion in a natural way with a simple anti-inflammatory diet.

Simple Steps to Quickly Improve Gut Health
Compared to the rest of the body, the gut consists of ten times more microbial species, which break down the food you eat. If your gut properly detoxifies these nutrients, the amount of progenic to pathogenic microbes should be in check. When this is not the case, chronic inflammation and digestive problems occur.

To promote healthy digestion and avoid these effects, it is important that the average person drink an adequate amount of water everyday. The downside to this is the fact that most people drink water with high levels of chlorine, disinfectant byproducts and environmental toxins. Together, these components sterilize the water and destroy progenic products within the body.

Although there is no way around these toxins, the best water to drink is that from a natural spring or through a reverse osmosis filtration system. Anti-inflammatory foods including coconut products, avocadoes, olive oil and berries also help to heal the gut.

Fermented foods are another great addition to the wide world of health. Their beneficial microbial species inoculate the gut and can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle due to the fact they are easy to make. Sauerkraut, kefir and kimchi are just three of many options out there. Non-denatured whey protein helps to repair your intestinal wall while herbs including cinnamon, coriander, ginger and anise all help the digestive system to work better as well.

– The Alternative Daily

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