The Failure of American Health Care: This Isn’t About Insurance

The Failure of American Health Care: This Isn't About Insurance

The United States has the best acute care and disease management system in the world. Do you realize how bad our health is in the U.S.? We are getting ill far earlier and living far longer with compromised health.

The Failure of American Health Care: This Isn't About InsuranceYou are at losing odds with your health if you have American Health Care. The U.S. is ranked last in the industrialized nations. LAST!

One out of three people will develop diabetes with all its complications. One of three will develop cancer with its complications. One out of two will develop cardiovascular disease and will have a heart attack or stroke. Alzheimer’s disease will become a reality in 22%; and every time you joke about ‘senior moments” you are getting that much closer to it. Almost three fourths of us are overweight and will struggle with all it’s complications. And your children are not faring better either.

Our children are worse than ever before:

1 in 3 is overweight
1 in 6 has learning disabilities
1 in 9 has asthma
1 in 10 has ADHD
1 in 12 has food allergies
1 in 20 has seizures
1 in 54 males have autism
1 in 88 has autism

Who is in charge of this? The problem is more than an individual problem. It is the burden of our society. From the way its going we are going to be buried with our health problems in this next generation. Everybody is going to pay for this. And I don’t mean insurance. Insurance has nothing to do with health. All insurance does is offer a better chance that a health provider will be paid.

We have weak health care leaders. Should health be imposed? No. But there is enough corruption in drug studies, medical associations, government agencies mainly the FDA, conglomerates that the the average American consumer has no chance of getting healthy and staying healthy. This country is progressing into disease management for all it’s citizens.

There needs to be a radical clean up in American health care. Genetic agricultural engineering needs to be completely, ethically evaluated for what this process is doing to the health of people world wide. Unworthy, ineffective medicines need to be banished and the marketing of all of them should be stopped. Vaccinations need to be evaluated for what they really are.

We do not need insurance to improve health care in the U.S. We need to completely overhaul our health care system because the current statistics are screaming loudly that what we are doing is not working. It needs re-invention not reallocation. The only position the government should have is the oversight of this overhaul process. It should stay out of health care.

Health care is an individual application not a social one; that’s why any social health care system will never work. It is an individual application.

The role of the new health care provider will have to assess the whole person and plan a course of care for repair, restoration, and health maintenance of this person. The too many specialists we have continue fragmenting the person. No body functions in fragments. This fragmentation will be a continual problem until the whole is addressed.

American health care is broke but how long do we have to go before someone takes charge and demands that it gets fixed. The future does not look healthy at all. It is diseased and that is what Americans know best.

– Dr. Peter Lind

Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress. 

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