This is the Exercise You Should Be Doing Everyday

Are you confused as to what exactly is the best exercise activity for you? Should you run, walk lift weights, take a pilates class, practice yoga, ride a bike, swim, or swing kettlebells? So many choices, and certainly no one right answer. The best exercise is ultimately, the one that you will do most consistently. The one that you do most consistently will usually be the one that you enjoy the most. So, if you are afraid of water, knock off swimming, if yoga makes you dizzy, don’t bother, but, if hiking and biking bring you joy…. go for it!

Let Your Personality Be Your Guide

If you are super social and just love being around people, then group activities may be just the right thing for you. Groups allow people who are social butterflies to benefit from both the physical activity as well as the social interaction. Activities such as Zumba or aerobics of any kind, such as aquafit or walking clubs are fantastic ideas to keep you in shape.

Dancing is another excellent way to keep in melt away pounds if you like to interact with others. If you are more solitary, but self motivated, jogging or weight training may be the best activity for you. Consider a low cost home gym complete with kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands.

Need A Kick in the Pants?

The average American is not overly intrinsically motivated to get in shape. In fact, this is why the lose weight quick schemes sell so well in our country. You may say, surely there is an electric band I can put around my waist that will make me 4 inches smaller overnight, or a wonder food that I can eat twice a day to drop the flab? Sorry to disappoint… these things don’t exist.

exerciseWell, they do exist, but they don’t work. Long term health can only be achieved by making consistent good choices and finding an exercise plan that works for you. So, if you are like millions of others who just don’t like to exercise or truly need a fire lit underneath of you, there is hope.

The best place to start is with a personal trainer that you pay for. Paying money for training makes people more likely to show up for training sessions and more likely to succeed. We all like to get something for our money, right? Hire a trainer to get you started and keep them on the payroll just to keep you motivated. After a while, you will develop healthy exercise habits that will result in long term success.

Don’t Overdo It

Another essential consideration when starting an exercise program is your current fitness level. Don’t make a spontaneous decision to hike 10,000 feet up in the air if the last time you moved was when you played dodge ball in the 8th grade. This is a recipe for disaster.

Let a combination of your current fitness level, things your personality and your fitness goals be your guide in choosing the best exercise for you. Many people who have been sedentary start out by just walking briskly for twenty minutes a day. Once you begin to condition your heart and muscles, you will be able to choose more strenuous activities.

The bottom line, keep it simple, keep it fun and keep doing it. These are the keys to success!

-The Alternative Daily

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