This Winter Fruit Can Fight Aging and Reduce Inflammation

Pomegranate seed oil, which is produced through cold pressing the seeds of the pomegranate fruit, is becoming a popular ingredient in many skin care products due to its regenerative, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

In fact, if you only use one product on your skin, consider making it pomegranate seed oil, for the following three reasons:

It’s anti-aging

Pomegranate seed oil’s anti-aging effects are threefold:

It encourages cell regeneration through the stimulation of keratinocytes, which are the primary skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. When these cells are revived, it is possible to actually reverse past skin damage, bringing out a brighter and more youthful appearance.

It boosts the production of collagen, which is the key protein that keeps skin firm and wrinkle-free. Pomegranate contains ellagic acid, an antioxidant which prevents the breakdown of collagen. Furthermore, the oil stimulates collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts, thus minimizing and preventing wrinkles.

The oil is packed full of powerful antioxidants, like pomegranates themselves, which help fight and repair free-radical damage that causes skin to look older, including damage from the sun and environmental pollution.

It’s anti-inflammatory

If you thought red wine and green tea were packed with antioxidants, you’ll be impressed to find out that pomegranate seed oil actually contains three times as many as these two superfoods. This is good news for your skin, as high levels of inflammation are related to all kinds of skin problems—causing or exacerbating conditions like acne, eczema and premature aging.

pomegranateThe antioxidants in pomegranate seed oil not only counter inflammation and free radical damage, they also offer strong sun protection—guarding against sun damage and skin cancer—and can even ease sunburn symptoms. Beyond antioxidants, the oil contains another anti-inflammatory ingredient, a rare omega 5 fatty acid called punicic acid, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

All of these anti-inflammatory powers combine to combat redness and other results of inflammation, leaving skin looking smoother and more even-toned.

It provides deep hydration

Pomegranate seed oil is capable of penetrating the skin more easily and deeply than other oils and moisturizers, and doesn’t leave skin looking shiny or greasy. As it’s non-comedogenic, it doesn’t clog pores, which means that even those with acne-prone skin can use it safely. Its punicic acid content also helps to lock in moisture in dry or combination skin, making it an especially good moisturizer to use during these cold, dry fall and winter months.

-The Alternative Daily


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