3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Diet

There are so many different and varied diets floating around today that it can be a daunting task to make a decision on which one is right for you when you feel it’s time to lose weight. Some diets say low fat while others insist low calories are the way to go.

Still yet, other diet gurus are adamant that in order to finally lose the weight you must cut out all forms of carbohydrates. One diet seems to combine factors from at least two other well known diets with claims to produce an optimum fat burning weight loss program. Then there are the “one or two ingredient diets” that have circulated around the world for years with numerous success stories such as the cabbage soup diet and the cider vinegar diet. So do these really work? In my experience through trying them all, not really, at least not for me.

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One of the most important factors someone needs to consider when deciding on any diet plan is whether you actually learn how to eat healthy and nutritionally through the plan. Unfortunately, a number of different diets that boast incredible results do so through nutritionally bankrupt methods. Often referred to as fad diets, these weight loss programs encourage you to indulge in eating habits that can do more harm than good.

Most weight loss programs promise almost magical results, and for awhile at least, it seems as though your weight loss dreams may have finally come true through the presence of this type of diet. Then the sad reality sets in. You realize there is no possible way you can stay on this diet for the rest of your life. This is an important factor to consider; because ideally you should be looking for a healthy weight loss and maintenance program not a diet. Although a very low-calorie, high or liquid diet or even a diet that only lasts for a few days may allow you to initially lose some weight, you will inevitably find that your weight loss problems recur when a vengeance at a later point. Instead of looking for a miracle cure, look for a weight loss program that can help you to achieve your goals on a permanent basis.

For me and like a lot of us you would prefer to avoid exercise like the plague, any weight loss program that promises we can reach our goals without that dreaded E word is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, long term weight loss simply isn’t possible without taking part in a sensible exercise routine. Sad, but true.

When I was designing my plan to work for me I asked myself three important questions:

1. Will this be a healthy eating/lifestyle plan for the long term?

2. Is this a diet I can stick with long term?

3. Does this diet combine sensible eating with becoming active?

Once I found the right combination of these factors. It was easy to design my plan. This is really the building blocks to my and almost every weight loss plan out there. But what I came up with was an easy “no Brainer” plan that anyone can do and I was able to take off 110 lbs with this simple plan.

– Eric Filipek

Eric Filipek has lived through the anguish and heartbreak of the weight loss marketing machine. With the broken promises and partial nutritional information, Eric was fed up with the status quo of the diet and weight loss industry and decided to take it upon himself to get healthy again. It was through his own research and willpower that Eric was able to lose a whopping 110 lbs. He has decided to share his story exclusively with The Alternative Daily.

Eric has created his very own Permanent Weight Loss Program, that can be downloaded at http://www.permanentfatloss101.com/

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