5 Energy Busters and How to Avoid Them: Part One

5 Energy Busters and How to Avoid Them: Part One

Did you know that there are certain foods, drinks and activities that can drain your energy? You have probably been exhausted at one point and wondered what caused it. Let’s cover the five major energy drainers that are prevalent in your life and how you can avoid them.

You need energy every single day to successfully go through life and enjoy it. Wouldn’t you agree? Yet most of us complain of frequent fatigue without realizing we are causing it in the first place.

There are five big energy busters we’ll go over, and I’ll show you how to avoid or eliminate each of them.

The first main energy drainer is toxic foods. “Fast food” pretty much equals fast fatigue. The way your body processes fast, fried and processed foods results in a quick burst of energy then full-out sluggishness the rest of the day. It may seem convenient to consume these kinds of foods, but you’ll pay for it later with your health, energy and weight. Instead of buying fast foods when you’re pressed for time, plan healthy meals ahead of time. Take one day during the week in which you shop for, prepare and pack healthy foods in the fridge. That way, it will be just as convenient to eat whole, delicious foods during the day, and you’ll feel super energized in the meantime.

The second energy buster is technology. Cell phones, computers, television, radio, and other electronic devices ultimately leach our energy. The “noise” they produce is a great distraction but doesn’t do much in the way of contributing to high energy levels. Technology can be used for good (ie. talking to a loved one, dancing to high-energy music), but you still need a break from it. Set aside 30 to 60 minutes a day in which you have “quiet time”, preferably outdoors. Your body will feel rejuvenated from this much-needed time alone.

A huge energy drainer that’s common in our lives is negative people. You know whom I’m talking about. We all have these kinds of people – the ones who seem to suck the energy out of the room – in our families, workplaces and circle of friends. If you are spending time with someone who drains your energy, you need to take action. While you can’t always get rid of people in your life, you can certainly spend less time with them. Do what you can to put as much space as possible between yourself and this other person. Find others who energized and inspire you, and you will feel good once again.

The last two energy drainers will be covered in the next article, “5 Energy Busters and How to Avoid Them: Part Two”. In the meantime, do whatever it takes to eliminate or avoid fast, processed foods, over-stimulation to technology and negative people. Replace these three areas with nutritious foods, quiet time alone in nature and positive, supportive friends and peers. Your energy levels will soar!

– Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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