My Journey to Losing 110 lbs: 7 Mistakes People Make to Lose Weight

My Journey to Losing 110 lbs: 7 Mistakes People Make to Lose Weight

Weight loss has been an issue my entire life. Through first-hand experience with Yo-yo diets, magic pills for fat loss, and the ever-popular gym memberships (which fell to the wayside after 3 months), I finally figured out what I had to do with the remaining years of my life. After being bullied in school, which just added to my weight gain issue, I sat in my college dorm and decided something needed to happen, so I decided to undergo a complete life style change. With my nutrition notes, food recipes and exercise regimen in hand, I worked my way to an astonishing loss of 110lbs over an 8-month period. This literally changed my life 10 years ago.  My weight loss was healthy, natural, gradual and most importantly, PERMANENT.

I will be sharing my personal experience over the coming weeks with The Alternative Daily and I want you to know that ANYONE can do it. I am living proof.

Today I am going to outline the 7 mistakes I made on my quest to permanent weight loss.

1. Skipping breakfast

Like most people trying to lose weight I thought simply eating less and skipping meals helps shed that fat. And of course breakfast is the easiest meal to skip. This is a huge mistake when trying to lose weight, if you leave the house in the morning on an empty stomach, you’re much more tempted to eat the wrong things during the day.

2. Binging at night

Since I was skipping breakfast, by the end of the day I was so hungry I would eat a large, un-healthy dinner. This is pretty much the worst thing someone can do right before bed.

3. Eating “diet” food

When I was at the store I would seek out everything that said low-fat or “diet” on the label, buying as much of it as I could afford. The problem was my thinking. I thought by buying diet food, I could eat more. This basically destroyed any effect the “diet” foods had.

4. The “fat kid” mindset

I grew up the fat kid, so I pretty much thought I would always be fat. When I started any diet and I wouldn’t notice any progress, I would give up because I was “the fat kid”. You have to break that mindset and know deep down that if you really try, it will happen.

5. Eating salads as the main meal

Yes, a meal of salad has much less calories than a burger, but does it have the satisfaction? You need that satisfaction, otherwise, like me, you will be back at your house looking for a snack. Make sure your meals are balanced, and if you do eat a salad for your meals, it has to have some protein in it.

6. Un-realistic goals

Setting goals is great, but these goals should always be something you can achieve in the near future. You need to set small, reachable goals that you can regularly meet to keep your motivation high. Set yourself weekly, monthly and three monthly goals. Once you meet a short-term goal, set a new one for next week.

7. Monday start days

I always started my next, new diet that would start on a Monday. Thinking that’s the day I would finally commit to a weight loss program. The only problem is that all weekend I would eat like a mad man thinking I wouldn’t get this type of food again. I set myself up for failure from the start.

I hope by reading this you can make sure you never repeat the same mistakes I did and finally get where you want to be. This is just the tip of the iceberg on my journey to over 100lbs of weight loss. I look forward to sharing many more experiences. Remember, If I can do it, you can too.

– Eric Filipek

Eric Filipek has lived through the anguish and heartbreak of the weight loss marketing machine. With the broken promises and partial nutritional information, Eric was fed up with the status quo of the diet and weight loss industry and decided to take it upon himself to get healthy again. It was through his own research and willpower that Eric was able to lose a whopping 110 lbs. He has decided to share his story exclusively with The Alternative Daily.

Eric has created his very own Permanent Weight Loss Program, that can be downloaded at

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