Not What You Think? 5 Health Myths Exposed

For some reason or another, we seem to go through life with preconceived notions about many things, including our health. What harm is there in this, you ask? Plenty, if the myths keep you from achieving the best health possible. Here are five of these myths exposed by the author of Real Cause Real Cure, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

Avoid the Sun

According to Teitelbaum, the myth that people should avoid the sun all the time results in tens of thousands of unnecessary cancer deaths each year. Teitelbaum states that the deadly skin cancers, melanomas, do not occur on sun-exposed skin, they are due to poor immune function, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and other non sun-related factors.

Skin cancers from the sun are not usually the dangerous kinds, but the sun is critical for vitamin D, an essential vitamin and hormone. A lack of vitamin D increases the risk of breast cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Teitelbaum states that the best bet is avoid sunburn, but not the sun.

Ibruprofen Treatment is Best for Arthritis

Over 16,000 people die each year from bleeding ulcers, and those that take things like ibuprofen have double or triple the risk of stroke or heart attack, according to Teitelbaum.

There are many safe and natural remedies for arthritis including herbs such as a willow bark and boswellia mix, which studies have shown to be twice as effective as ibuprofen. Combining curamin and boswellia is found to be more effective than Celebrex, says Teitelbaum. These natural remedies provide safe and positive side effects such as decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Calcium Supplements are Necessary for Osteoarthritis

Recent studies show that taking calcium supplements can actually increase the risk of death by heart attack by up to 30%. Teitelbaum notes that osteoporosis is not actually a calcium deficiency. He recommends that people with osteoporosis focus more on minerals such as Strontium, which has been shown to be almost twice as effective as medications.

Additionally, you should concentrate your efforts on improving bone density and healthy new bone production by eating magnesium rich foods and getting plenty of vitamin D.

Thyroid Screenings are Accurate

One of the biggest problems when it comes to understanding thyroid tests is that physicians don’t seem to understand what “normal” really means, says Teitelbaum. Treating the person not the blood test is essential for proper diagnosis. Often, people in the low-normal range versus those in the high-normal range have almost a 70% risk of dying from a heart attack because they go untreated.

Be sure to know what your tests mean and consider treatment if you have mild to low thyroid. You will find that you have more energy, lose weight and have healthier skin and nails as well as improved protection for your heart.

mythHeartburn Should be Treated with Antacids

Millions of Americans suffer from painful indigestion and, in desperation, turn to medications to relieve the nuisance. However, antacids do not really treat the problem because indigestion is not about too much acid. It is more about poor digestion and can be alleviated if addressed.

If your digestive system is unhappy and does not have what it takes to break down food, the food will be left sitting in your stomach. Teitelbaum recommends focusing on improving digestive health by eating whole foods and taking a high quality probiotic like Pro X-10. Along with improving your overall digestion, this supplement will also relieve gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

-The Alternative Daily

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