Superfoods Part 2: Appetite Control and Digestion

Superfoods Part 2: Appetite Control and Digestion

More easy to find superfoods!

These two common foods have long been recognized for their healing properties. They work well on their own, or in combination. Experiment with them and see how you can best enjoy their robust flavors and powerful health benefits.

Ginger – A popular and delicious cooking ingredient, this easy to find root has long been held in high esteem for its ease of use and applicability. A little ginger chewed, added to salads, or as a tea can help with headaches, motion sickness, and has been shown as a great digestive aid (studies even show that it may possess anti-cancer properties, along with other spices and herbs like turmeric). It’s been rumored that Confucius would conclude his meals with ginger tea because of its amazing digestive properties, so drink up!

Lemon – Full of vitamins and minerals that are vital for our bodies to function on a daily basis, like C and potassium, lemons are a tasty and easy addition to your day. While they are acidic in nature, natural lemon juice becomes alkaline in the body, helping the body stay balanced. Fresh lemon juice is also a great treatment for a sore throat, cold, and allergies. Adding lemons to your drinking water has been shown to curb appetite also, so for those trying to lose weight, the benefits really add up! Dilute lemon juice with water to help protect your teeth though.

Here’s a great tonic to promote wellness:

Add the juice of one lemon, a slice of ginger, and a dash of stevia to hot water and you have a great herbal tea to curb appetite, aid digestion, and cleanse the body of toxins. Its as easy as that!

A personal favorite on a hot summer day:

Fresh lemon juice, a little stevia, cold water, and a dash of maple syrup come together to make a refreshing lemonade.

To learn more about how superfoods can help you lose weight, gain energy, and bring you to your absolute best, set up a free Health History today. Let’s begin a new path to wellness together.

– John Garda

John Garda is a Holistic Health Coach working out of NY and Miami. He has been able to help his clients overcome their challenges, and now has a practice that focuses on helping busy individuals lower their stress, lose weight, achieve wellness, and love who they see in the mirror.

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