Superfoods Part 3: The Power of Goji Berries and Water While Cleansing

Superfoods Part 3: The Power of Goji Berries and Water While Cleansing

Superfoods are a great choice for any type of cleansing and detox plan. It is important to remember that when seeking the right cleansing or detox process you should not stop eating like some “diet marketers” suggest. Cleansing is all about giving your body the natural, organic type of foods that will gently cleanse the toxins out of your body. Here are two Superfoods that will aid in any detox program.

1. Water

While there is no standard quantity of water for everyone, we can all benefit from regular consumption of clean water. Depending on climate, diet, and activity, your daily amount will invariably differ, but the benefits are the same: hydration, waste and toxin elimination, digestion, mood, appetite, and mental clarity. Try having a glass of water right when you wake up to rehydrate, re-energize, and revitalize your body. Water: it does a body good!

2. Goji Berries

A super powerful berry that has long been held in high medicinal regard in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Today you can find these power packed berries in many supermarkets and health food stores. Aside from its anti-oxidant prowess, there are benefits attributed to the berry such as aiding in restful sleep, athletic performance, and mental clarity. Try them raw, added to a salad, as a compliment for yogurt, or in a smoothie to bring a healthy, flavorful kick to your day!

Check out this video below that shows the amazing effects of Goji on your blood.


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– John Garda

John Garda is a Holistic Health Coach working out of NY and Miami. He has been able to help his clients overcome their challenges, and now has a practice that focuses on helping busy individuals lower their stress, lose weight, achieve wellness, and love who they see in the mirror.


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