Superfoods Part 5: Powerful Foods to Help Fight Cancer

Are there more superfoods that can help combat cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and also taste great? Absolutely! This collection can be found in any supermarket, and can bring delicious and vibrant wellness to the whole family in a plethora of ways. From salads to stir-frys to side dishes, this group of superfoods will bring vibrant color, flavor, and wellness to your daily life!


Another fantastic addition, this wonderful food has long been used medicinally in many cultures. With tastes ranging from subtle to robust, sizes from petite to huge, mushrooms can accommodate most every palate. Aside from a great nutrient profile, mushrooms have been recently shown to help combat cancer and diabetes in a radical new way. Studies show that regular consumption of mushrooms stems the growth of new blood vessels, thereby eliminating the source of nutrients to tumors and fat cells. Sounds like a delicious option to achieve vibrant health!


Greens, particularly leafy greens, are the MOST nutrient dense foods available to us. Get them into you body by any means you can (blended, cooked, raw, soups, sauteed, but preferably by eating them) and the benefits will accumulate day by day. The influx of phytonutrients, as well as the fiber and amazing vitamin profiles of greens will help put your well-being on the fast track, revolutionizing how you feel, look, and even think.

Onions pair well with greens, especially when cooking, and not just for taste. When combined during the cooking process, the onions help protect the greens’ enzymes and nutrients from degradation. This combination helps to ensure a full spectrum dose of green power.

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– John Garda

John Garda is a Holistic Health Coach working out of NY and Miami. He has been able to help his clients overcome their challenges, and now has a practice that focuses on helping busy individuals lower their stress, lose weight, achieve wellness, and love who they see in the mirror.

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