Vitamin C Therapy: Could Vitamin C Be the Cure to What Ails You?

Vitamin C Therapy: Could Vitamin C Be the Cure to What Ails You?
Vitamin C Therapy: Could Vitamin C Be the Cure to What Ails You?

There is a lot of information out there about vitamins.  Some claim vitamins are necessary and should be taken throughout the day to keep the body healthy and prevent disease.  Others claim vitamins are a complete waste of time because your body doesn’t absorb but 10% or so.  I have to admit that I used to be a believer of the latter. However, over the past couple of years as I’ve increased my studies to become a health coach I’ve discovered information that I simply can’t ignore and I feel compelled to share this knowledge with you because it’s quite profound. 

I want to take you back to the 1940’s when a medical specialist in chest diseases, Dr. Frederick Klenner, used high doses of Vitamin C (ascorbate, ascorbic acid) to cure 41 cases of viral pneumonia.  For decades Dr. Klenner treated patients with massive amounts of Vitamin C curing infectious diseases like chicken pox, tetanus, and polio; as well as diseases like diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, leukemia, bladder infections, glaucoma, heart disease, and chronic fatigue.

Dr. Klenner found that in high doses of Vitamin C it acts therapeutically as it has antihistamine, antitoxin, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. Vitamin C is like a trace nutrient, meaning we don’t need much of it to stay alive, but without it we will die. The current recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C is 1,000 milligrams.  At this moderate level your body is less apt to get sick with the common cold or flu virus.  It’s at very high doses that Vitamin C begins to act therapeutically and has been shown over the past 75 years to cure diseases that we still fear today.

What’s considered a high dose?  Dr. Klenner often treated patients via injection with 350mg to 1,200mg’s of Vitamin C per kg of body weight.  If you do the quick math that’s 20,000-120,000mg per day for the average adult.  Compare that with the recommended daily intake (RDI) of just 1,000mgs. You can view the adopted Vitamin C table by visiting this website.

Can Vitamin C cure cancer?  Nobel-Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling conducted cancer research in the 1970’s showing the effectiveness of using Vitamin C to cure cancer.  His work was later discredited due to a poorly conducted research study by the Mayo-Clinic.  There are doctors around the world that are treating patients with cancer with very high levels of Vitamin C given intravenously upwards of over 100,000 milligrams per 24 hour period.  Their treatment shows that the Vitamin C increases the levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the cancer cells and kills the cancer cells but not the healthy cells unlike chemotherapy, which destroys your healthy cells along with the cancer cells.  All with no adverse side effects and no toxicity.

How safe are high doses of Vitamin C? I’m a bit amazed that in all the worlds’ medical literature there has never been a case of toxicity from using high doses of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in high doses.  If you are concerned with the notion that Vitamin C increases urine oxalates leading to kidney stones it turns out that is just a myth. There have been numerous studies surrounding this theory and the facts discount this claim unless the patient has preexisting kidney disease.  A person with normal kidney function can easily process enormous amounts of Vitamin C.

If Vitamin C therapy is so great, why are doctor’s failing to use it as part of a treatment plan?  Unfortunately most conventional doctors scoff at the idea of using vitamins as therapy.  They reference certain medical studies which used very low doses of vitamins and minerals or synthetic forms which were totally ineffective and negate the positive benefits of the vitamins.  Most would rather write prescriptions than use vitamin therapy.  Because of this, over 75 years of proven literature on the effectiveness of Vitamin C therapy are ignored.

What should you do if you would like to explore this alternative to chemotherapy? If you or someone you love has cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, shingles or any other disease, Vitamin C therapy can be a safe, natural, alternative treatment.  It’s inexpensive, safe, and incredibly effective you just need to insist on it.  If your doctor refuses to administer Vitamin C, you may want to find another doctor.  Since learning this information, I now take Vitamin C throughout the day, nearly every hour.  I also give my children Vitamin C with their meals.

– Angela Garrison

As a Health and Wellness expert, Angela is helping people unleash their super-power ability to prevent their bodies from getting sick in the future.  Angela is also a Children’s Health Advocate and founder of the popular Change Your Food Change Your Future program, proving of all the things we control and make decisions about every single day…. there is one that you absolutely must get right.

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