Three Tips for Lasting Energy

Three Tips for Lasting Energy

If you’re feeling run down or lethargic, you’re not alone. So many of us struggle with having enough energy to see each day through. Sometimes it feels like the only things keeping us going are caffeine and the obligation to get everything done. Thankfully, your days of exhaustion are over. In this article, you’ll learn three simple tips to create more energy and stamina and enjoy your life even more

It’s crazy to think how many people operate their lives purely on emotional fumes. These individuals make it through each day by gulping three to six cups of coffee, eating little to no food and barely taking a breath. They survive purely on willpower.

Living like this can create emotional burn out and lead to unwanted health conditions down the road. Lasting energy is an essential part of living a healthy, happy life, and it comes with making a few small changes.

Tip #1: Lose the coffee, bring on the water. 

Too much coffee can cause irritability and shakiness, and it’s not good for your hormones either. After the first cup (or second, if you must), call it quits. Start drinking water immediately after you take down your first cup of coffee. Being hydrated will energize you, increase your metabolism and flush unwanted toxins from your body that are making you sluggish. Water is your friend, so try to reach for it instead of that afternoon cup of Joe.

Tip #2: Eat more often.

Having small meals, about four to five, throughout the day can help stabilize energy levels so you don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon. Try eating small meals every three to four hours and make sure your diet has enough protein to slow the digestion process. That way, you’ll feel full, satisfied and wide-awake until your next meal. If you’ve ever experienced lulls throughout the day, it’s because you’re not eating enough. Start munching and you’ll feel much better.

Tip #3: Amp up the protein.

As mentioned in the last tip, protein can help slow down digestion so your meals take longer to process. When you only eat carbohydrates, your body will process the food more quickly, giving you a jolt of energy and sometimes an immediate dip. Combining protein with your carbohydrates can help to improve energy levels and keep you from needing that afternoon nap. Foods such as lean meat, chicken, fish, seafood, beans, nuts and seeds are great choices for protein, and you can easily add these your daily meals. Eat smart and reap the rewards.

When you put these tips into practice and drink more water, eat every few hours and increase the protein in your meals, you’ll feel more alive and energetic. You won’t believe the difference in makes in your moods, stamina and ability to accomplish everything. Start using these tips and live the vibrant life you deserve.

– Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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