Walnuts Pack 15 Times More Antioxidants Than Leading Vitamin

Walnuts Pack 15 Times More Antioxidants Than Leading Vitamin

According to a study out of University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, out of all the nuts you can eat, walnuts pack the biggest nutritional punch available. In addition to the nutritional benefits, eating just a small amount of walnuts every day can lower your risk for a wide variety of serious health problems.

Walnuts Pack 15 Times More Antioxidants Than Leading VitaminNutritional Powerhouse

Nuts are a recommended source of protein and other nutrients. However, compared to almonds, peanuts and other kinds of nuts, researchers found that walnuts provide the best nutritional value. According to this study, researches found that walnuts have antioxidant levels up to 15 times as powerful as vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to researchers. Additionally, walnuts are an extremely good source of protein, dietary fiber and are gluten free.

When compared to other types of nuts, such as pecans, almonds and peanuts, walnuts have almost twice the level of antioxidants as other nuts. Antioxidants are beneficial because they protect from the damaging effects of cancer causing cells and waste that are the result of blood oxygenation. In addition to protecting from and preventing cancer, antioxidants also have anti-aging effects.

In terms of health benefits, eating just a few walnuts every day demonstrates decreased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, gallstones, heart disease and several kinds of cancer. In fact the study showed, it only takes eating seven walnuts a day to achieve substantial health benefits.

You can integrate walnuts into your diet by including them in salads, eating whole grain bread with them baked into it or eating them raw. Toasted walnuts add a wonderful flavor to vegetable dishes. Walnut butter, similar to almond and peanut butter is also an excellent way to eat these wonderful nuts.

Do you eat nuts regularly? What is your favorite way of eating them?

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