We Don’t Need to Be Ken or Barbie, Just Be Us

We Don't Need to Be Ken or Barbie, Just Be Us

Recent public awareness of two individuals obsessed with looking like Ken and Barbie has arisen. Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica are two people who have undergone literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and multiple procedures to look like their ideal of the perfect body.

We Don't Need to Be Ken or Barbie, Just Be UsLooking Gorgeous the Natural Way

Everyone has things about their body they would love to change. Maybe you don’t like your belly fat or you think your chin could use a little firming. However, there are healthier ways to improve your body without resorting to the pain and expense of plastic surgery.

Being physically active and working on developing strong muscles and tone is an excellent way to fight the effects of gravity and aging. It is also an excellent way to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce the risks of developing serious health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova could have saved a lot of money by being happy with who they already are.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is also an effective method to maintaining good skin and a healthy weight. Eating whole grain foods, organic fruits and vegetables and lean meat fights against free radicals that can diminish skin and hair and contribute to cancer and other degenerative illnesses.

Above all else, recognizing that everyone has imperfections and accepting yourself and your body is the healthiest approach of all. While Ken and Barbie can be fun to play with when you are a kid, they are imaginary ideals. Love the wonderful person you are in all ways and you will not need to spend tons of money undergoing painful plastic surgery.

– The Alternative Daily

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