Yo-yo Dieting: Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Yo-yo Dieting: Why You're Not Losing Weight
Yo-yo Dieting: Why You're Not Losing Weight

Does it seem like no matter how little food you eat, you never lose a pound? You start your day out with an apple, eat vegetables for lunch and have a tiny dinner. You have all week, but you’re still the same weight. Why?

When I started on my journey to losing 110 lbs., my first thought, and something I struggled with for years was, “I need to eat less.” The generally accepted diet mentality is “eat less and exercise more.” Honestly, this did nothing but cause me to gain weight, become tired and depressed. When you eat less your body believes that it is being starved and will hoard every fat cell it can. It will do whatever it takes to keep these fat cells and no matter how many calories you burn, you won’t lose weight. Your metabolism slows greatly. Your body goes into starvation mode.

When you start these diets, you quickly end them when you realize that you aren’t losing weight and then return to normal eating habits. Since your body still thinks it is in starvation mode, it will hoard all the fat cells which is now twice the amount being eaten, and you will actually gain more weight back than you lost. This will prompt another diet and the process begins again. This is called a “yo-yo diet.”

The number one way to avoid yo-yo dieting is to create a food journal and eating plan. The journal will make it much easier to see what you’re eating and how much of it. Studies have shown that the simple act of putting something on paper makes it more concrete in your mind and you are more likely to stick to it. The journal does exactly that. Make sure you put it somewhere easy and accessible for you to always see. This same practice should be used with an eating plan. You will have concrete data of knowing what to eat and when. No more obsessing and making yourself nuts about what to eat.

The second way to avoid yo-yo dieting is proper exercise. And that can mean absolutely anything. A gym and expensive personal trainer is not needed to properly lose weight for good. The mind set to succeed and a direction is all you need. It is also imperative to ignore diet pills at all costs.

Eating better, not less, and getting active will lead you to weight loss!

– Eric Filipek

Eric Filipek has lived through the anguish and heartbreak of the weight loss marketing machine. With the broken promises and partial nutritional information, Eric was fed up with the status quo of the diet and weight loss industry and decided to take it upon himself to get healthy again. It was through his own research and willpower that Eric was able to lose a whopping 110 lbs. He has decided to share his story exclusively with The Alternative Daily.

Eric has created his very own Permanent Weight Loss Program, that can be downloaded at http://www.permanentfatloss101.com/

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