The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Healthy at Work

Do you find it hard to eat healthy at work? Whether it’s the makeshift kitchen you’re sharing with other colleagues or the fact that eating healthy isn’t the popular thing to do at work, today we’ll cover the “Do’s and Don’ts” of making your workplace a healthy, nourishing environment for you. If you’re a stay-at-home kind of gal or working from home, this applies to you, too.

It’s important to be the creator of your healthy life, and since most of our time is spent at work (or at home doing some sort of work, including being a caretaker), the food choices we make can impact our day more than we realize.

Making healthy choices at work means that the better part of your day consists of boosted energy levels, better moods, improved digestion, and more focus, clarity and stamina to get everything done.

So, here’s what you’ll want to do, or not do, on any given work day…

  • Don’t be the one who forgets to pack a lunch, keeps healthy foods at home or skip meals altogether… those are the habits of a foggy, tired and emotionally drained person.
  • Do plan ahead and know what you’re taking to work for lunch and snack options.
  • Don’t assume that you’ll make time to pack each morning – schedule it.
  • Do bring more than enough food in case you’re extra hungry or stuck in a longer-than-normal commute.
  • Don’t forget to bring utensils, napkins and a jug for refilling your water.
  • Do invest in something to cook your food (if you’re not going to use the microwave), like a stove top cooker or mini crock pot.
  • Don’t forget to ask permission before using said cooker or crock pot.
  • Do cook in abundance at dinner time and use the leftovers for an easy on-the-go lunch option.
  • Don’t feel the need to eat every unhealthy food item your work brings in… even if it is your birthday.
  • Do ask that fruit be an alternative option to cake, and that gluten-free options be made available for pizza (I did it years ago and many of my colleagues appreciated it).
  • Don’t assume you’ll always have a break to eat your food (even if you’re given one).
  • Do bring snacks that you can scarf down (if needed) in less than 60 seconds.
  • Don’t make it anyone’s responsibility but your own to eat healthily and consistently throughout the day.

Here are some thoughts around snacky foods to bring…

  • Homemade trail mix
  • Protein bars (with few, whole ingredients)
  • Protein shake or smoothie (keep a small blender at work)
  • Fruit with nut butters
  • Veggies and dip or hummus

Remember, you can eat healthy at work and feel the effects of consistent, healthy choices. Don’t forget to bring a lunch with a healthy blend of protein and carbohydrates.

The Dos and Donts of Eating Healthy at WorkYou’ll need the carbs for energy, and the protein to slow the digestion process so you stay focused and alert longer. We spend more time at work (or at home caregiving and/or working), so make sure this is the time you fuel your body with what it needs to function at its best.

Action Step: Pick one of the Do’s or Don’ts above and apply it to your work life… starting tomorrow.

-Katie Humphrey

As a keynote speaker, empowerment coach, author and spokesperson, Katie Humphrey inspires women to feel fit, confident and motivated. Her dynamic Revolution of YOU brand helps overwhelmed and stressed out women confidently reach their goals.

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